Our services

We provide high quality technical translation services from English to Slovenian and
from Slovenian to English. This includes books, software, manuals, brochures,
web pages and multimedia content.

If you need us to translate an operating system, user manual, software application,
web site, a book on databases, or an article, then you have come to the right people.

These are some of the file formats and applications/subjects that we deal with most frequently:
HTML, XML, JAVA MS Visual Studio Digital Electronics
RC, RCI,  3D Studio MAX 3 Digital Communications
PC user's guides PhotoShop Microcontrollers
GIF/JPG/BMP/PNT/PCX/PTS/CDR CorelDraw! RF communications
Machinery Windows and Linux Applications Analog electronics
Medicine Legal documents GSM and other HW projects

Massive experiences gathered through years of software localization
and resulting in intimate understanding of the industries served as well as the
high proficiency of our translators are our guarantee for the precise and
linguistically correct translations of the documents entrusted to us.

In these early days of the global market, every attempt is made to reduce
costs, often with serious disregard to quality and service.

Miracles do happen, but seldom.

This is not the place to find the lowest rates in the World Wide Web.
Instead--and if you care about it--you will get reasonable prices
for top quality translations...
Something that will reflect on the image of your company.

You decide.
Does your project require translations in other ex-Yugoslavia languages besides Slovenian?
No problem, we cover Serbian, Macedonian and Croat as well.