Our company

These are the reasons which make our customers rely on us:

  We are specialists in technical translations. We focus on technical translations exclusively. All of our translators must hold a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Electronics. When we translate, we are familiar with the content. And that is why our customers are confident that our translations will meet their required quality levels..



We never accept a task for which we would not able to meet your deadline. We know that you have plans by which you must abide. And we abide by our planning, too. That is why our customers count on their material being delivered by the required date.

  Our pricing is fair, taking into the account the real volume of the work. We know that the "effort per word" required to translate a 200 page document is far less than that of a single page brochure. That is why our customers in the competitive publishing world can meet their target budgets.